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August 02, 2014 | By Laura Viana da Silva from

About Participant

Name: Helena

Age: 38

Skin: sensitive sufferer from dermatitis especially in the creases i.e. side of nose behind ears etc

Their Experience

In the week that you have been using Angelic Lily’s products, what changes have you noticed in your skin?

skin seemed very hydrated and not greasy

Do you have a favourite product from the range that you felt worked best on your skin?

cleanser & moisturiser

How would you sum up your experience of using Angelic Lily's skin care range?

feels beautiful and skin feels really clean


8 out of 10

Angelic Lily's 10 point rating scale:

* 9-10 Angelic Lily is the perfect natural range for my skin

* 7-8 My skin felt nourished with noticeable improvements

* 5-6 My experience was neutral - not great, not bad

* 3-4 I didn't experience any benefit or improvement in my skin

* 1-2 Angelic Lily didn't suit my skin at all

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