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August 02, 2014 | By Laura Viana da Silva from

About Participant

Name: Anne

Age: 40

Skin: Combination skin type, which varies from season to season.

Their Experience

In the week that you have been using Angelic Lily’s products, what changes have you noticed in your skin?

A lovely hydration that lasts and doesn't become oily. The eye cream worked really well to hydrate and plump the eye area.

Do you have a favourite product from the range that you felt worked best on your skin?

I really liked all three products its hard to choose one that worked best, I felt they all worked well together.

How would you sum up your experience of using Angelic Lily's skin care range?

Very positive (and exciting) to use a product that actually works and delivers. I would definitely purchase the products.


10 out of 10

Angelic Lily's 10 point rating scale:

* 9-10 Angelic Lily is the perfect natural range for my skin

* 7-8 My skin felt nourished with noticeable improvements

* 5-6 My experience was neutral - not great, not bad

* 3-4 I didn't experience any benefit or improvement in my skin

* 1-2 Angelic Lily didn't suit my skin at all

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