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August 02, 2014 | By Laura Viana da Silva from

About Participant

Name: Katie

Age: 28

Skin: My skin is fairly normal most of the time but I get some dry, flaky patches when the seasons change.  I am forever mixing and matching products as I haven’t found an easy to use range from one brand that works well on my skin.

Their Experience

In the week that you have been using Angelic Lily’s products, what changes have you noticed in your skin?

After using the cleanser, my skin was ready to soak up the moisturiser easily and felt great!  It didn’t leave any oily film on my face like many creams do.  Also noticed that my skin looks and feels smoother to touch – love that!

Do you have a favourite product from the range that you felt worked best on your skin?

All 3 products were great to use and they seem to work together in harmony.  I have to say that the eye cream must have some magic ingredient in it that reduced my BIG puffy eyes after a late night out ☺    

How would you sum up your experience of using Angelic Lily's skin care range?

This range was fantastic on my face.  The other creams in my ‘beauty toolkit’ just don’t feel the same as this on my skin.  Can’t wait to get my hands on these products.


10 out of 10

Angelic Lily's 10 point rating scale:

* 9-10 Angelic Lily is the perfect natural range for my skin

* 7-8 My skin felt nourished with noticeable improvements

* 5-6 My experience was neutral - not great, not bad

* 3-4 I didn't experience any benefit or improvement in my skin

* 1-2 Angelic Lily didn't suit my skin at all

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